Wreck-It Ralph
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Color(s): Skin, red, brown, white, black, teal, pink, dark red
Starting location: CAM 2
First appearance: Night 3

Wreck-It Ralph is an unofficial antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island.


He looks like the original Wreck-It Ralph, but his eyes are distorted, he is missing both of his arms, and his chest has a hole in it with a unknown mold spreading out of it.


He will start laying in the Meat Freezer, then he will randomly move to one cam, then go to the Office. When he reaches the Office, the player must shut off the cam he went to in order to survive.


He starts moving on Night 3. When active, he can say the following things:

  • "I'm gonna wreck it!"
  • "Hey, you moved my stump!"
  • "YOU! Give me back my medal right NOW!"
  • "It's kinda hard to do your job when no one likes you for doing it."


  • His eyes look exactly like Noo-Noo's eyes during his jumpscare before the Christmas Update of Five Nights At Tubbyland.
  • His second quote "Hey, you moved my stump!" is ripped straight from the original movie. It also sounds a bit distorted.

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