Water Shop
Color(s): Blue, grey, red, yellow, black

daisys body starts here night 4. This location is my fanmade location in the game.

Appearance Edit

Water shop Edit

This location have grey walls and checkered red and blue floor. There's a checkered black and white stripe on the wall, there's a dark red desk with a computer on it. On the red desk, there is a box with water bottles on it. At the right of the red desk, there is a blue shelf with lots of water bottles on it with a black sign that says Zero5º and with a water drop picture and a water bottle picture on it. There is also a white door that connects to it's hallway.

Water shop hallway Edit

It haves red floor and wooden walls. It haves a Cactus Kid poster on the wall.

Water Shop Hallway
Species: Hallway
Color(s): Red, Brown
Starting location: daisy's body starts here in Night 4 hanged.

Gameplay Edit

Water Shop Edit

Daisy's body]] starts here in Night 4, hanged, similar to Photo-Negative Minnie in Character Prep 1. Suicide Mouse comes here, visage and pn Mickey comes. Terror mickey sits on the floor lying to the red desk. Terror Mickey starts here on Night 3 standing in front of the Zero5 sign.

Water Shop Hallway Edit

Oswald starts here in Night 3. The Visage and Goofy can also appear here.

Trivia Edit

Water Shop Edit

  • The sign of the blue shelf could be reference to the water sign of SPAR.
  • Unlike the broadcasting room, when Suicide Mouse becomes active when he starts here the televisors of the broadcating room won't turn on.

Water Shop Hallway Edit

  • When Goofy's body is here, he looks to have 2 positions one of them is standed and the other one is staring at the camera.