Greetings! My nickname is TheMurzik120k or Murzik_120000, and my real name is Vladislav. If you need anything, drop me a line on the talk page!

  • My native language is Russian.

    • My Favorite FNaF Series:
  • FNaF 2
  • FNaF Sister Location
  • FNaF Ultimate Custom Night
  • FNaF Security Breach
    • My Favorite FNaF Parodies:
  • FNaTI - Five Nights at Treasure Islan
  • FNaTI TLO - The Lost Ones
  • FNaC - Five Nights at Candy's
  • FNwMC - Five Nights witch Mac Tonight
  • FNaH - Fun Times at Homer's
  • FNaJ - Five Nights at Jollibee's
  • FNaTI (Orifinal) - Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official) or FNaTI 2020
  • BNC - Baby's Nightmare Circus

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