Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Color(s): Light Blue

Tsollous is a light blue humanoid character in Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Appearance Edit

Tsollous is has the size of a child, his skin color is light blue and he wears a cloak with the same color.He has a sad looking face with empty eye sockets and a teethless mouth.

Locations Edit

Tsollous will sometimes appear in the Meat Freezer looking at the camera, when you put down the camera he will appear in your office looking directly at you while making strange noises, if you put the camera back he will jumpscare you, crashing the game. To make him leave the office you have to stare at him for 20 second, after you do that a picture of his face will appear in the screen for a few seconds and then he will disappear.

Trivia Edit

  • If the noises are reversed, the noises will now become audible speech.

This is what he says when the noises are reversed.

Why, why! I want my mom Help me! Scream crying Is that white lady here? Not that red man!

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