The Ugly is a Fanmade character in Five nights at treasure island who is a terrifying ugly version of The Face


The ugly looks almost like the face except that his arms are out stretched and his lower jaw is more wide open. just like the face he has human eyeballs in his wide eye sockets except that there really bigger then they were. he also has human teeth there are recolored his teeth are a bit yellow and his gums are a dark pink color.


Wen ever the ugly enters the office the player must shut off a cam or hide if not doing so or failing the 50% chance of surviving under the desk the player will be jumpscared resulting in a game over.


The ugly starts in Pirate Caverns Entrance then moves to Meat Freezer then the Lounge and then finely The Office


  • The ugly was voiced by Torrent1703 witch is the creator of this oc
  • The ugly's name represents the faces name but different for explaining his ugly appearance
  • The ugly is the only character to have a human teeth and eyeballs at the same time


Fan Art/Unofficial Content

Some Fan Art by Pablopompom

I have been awaken... and i sence somebody
Its been a while since i seen this place
My friends you hurt them did you?
The Ugly's Scream

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