The Forgotten
Hola1231 the rat promo by hola1231-dagi2gi
Species: Mouse
Gender: Probably Male
Color(s): White , grey and brown
Starting location: Janitor's Closet
First appearance: Night 1

The Forgotten is a unofficial antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island. And also, his old design makes appearance in Five nights at treasure island 3  


The Forgotten appears to be a Mickey suit, but without ears, legs, and eyes, as well as a dirty face and gloves. There is a light but noticeable stain of blood on his face.


He starts in the Janitor's Closet off-screen. He will then get up, and head towards the Bathroom, then the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and then the Office. The player must shut off the power to survive.


He actives in night 2 appearing randomly in the vent system and making pound sounds, the player must use the vent heat system to get rid of him, he is less active than other characters.

Shade suicide mouse by photo negativemickey-d9kh2bo

His first concept, which was Photo-Negative Mickey's Shade Suicide Mouse.

When active, you will hear him say:
  • "Why are you still here?"
  • "Get out or die."
  • "You can't."
  • "They should never have hired you."


  • There's a new fan-made character called RAT[1] in the game, them does not seem to be linked in any way.casually, the design of this new character is similar to the Rat`s very first design, but the Rat`s very first design is Suicide mouse`s shade.
  • In FNATI 3, his jump scare is The Rat exiting from the vent, then spins while hanging from the vent shaft and strikes the Player
  • In FNATI 3, while he is in the vent, The Rat is in exactly the same pose as his promo; via an illusion, makes him look like he is looking at the off-screen side of the vent while he is truly staring at the cam.
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