This image is the only known one. It is very eerie in my personal opinion

The Giant Enemy Spider (Also Known As The Photo Negative Giant Enemy Spider) is a robotic spider originally from game called "Wreckfrest". Though...A demon took him over causing his current photo-negative appearance. The spider is often seen pounding the ground waiting with intent to CRUSH people under his massive frame...The Spider is known to be around by the sounds of a battle theme. SOME say it sounds like a man beatboxing.


Song That Plays When He is Naer

This is what is THOUGHT to be his Theme.


Youtuber Jerma985 is said to have an encounter with this beast. Stating "You see a lot of people didn't know t-that there was a boss battle in this! The Giant Enemy Spider!"

FROM the accounter we can assume his weakness is carpets.

People joke him as Sans, even though he isn't inspired from him in any way.

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