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This page belongs to the User:Photo Negative Mickey, which you cannot edit this page without his permission, get permission from him if you want to edit this page, or your edit will be undone. If you want to use these images for OC reasons, ask permission. Thank you for reading!


Description About This Page

This page belongs to User:Photo Negative Mickey, which this page will be supplied with info about the next up-coming character to a page on the Five Nights at Treasure Island RP Wiki. Which this oage will be edited, when a teaser for a new character is made.

A quote for the character will be made first, then the Image of the character will be added later on or whenever, giving Users a chance to guess who the character will be.

This Page will help Users get a chance of when another fan character or location page will be made in the future, which as it said, this oage supplies info about the new teaser. 

Do not ask permission to edit this page, there is no need, this page is to tease the next up-coming character/location.

The quote may be from a phone call, a suit, or something giving a hint.


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