Suit Workshop
Camera: CAM 13
Suits: Vanellope Von Schweetz, Happy, Violet Incredible, Regular Oswald, Photo-Negative Mickey, Goofy, Oswald, MickMick, Woody, Ariel, Mike Wazowski, Blackout Mouse

Suit Workshop, also known as CAM 13, is a unofficial location in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


The Suit Workshop is a room with a rotten wooden floor, cracked stone walls, some posters, as well as a desk with a computer, some papers, a picture of someone, and a cracked cup with pencils and pens. On the floor there are assorted pieces of cloths and papers, as well as a Mickey Mouse button. Blackout Mouse, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Happy, Violet Incredible, and Regular Oswald start here as well, all of them laying on the floor. Mike Wazowski starts here against the northern-most wall, so he can't be seen.


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