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The Staff Area, also known as CAM 1, is a location in Five Nights at Treasure Island. It is nothing but a dark room with a black door on the left that says "Mascots Only Room" in red letters, multiple stray wires, some wooden crates in the bottom left corner, and a crowbar on the ground. There is also a big entrance frame on the far right of the room which leads to the Storage Room and the Meat Freezer. Photo-Negative Mickey, Suicide Mouse, Oswald, Photo-Negative Minnie come through here. Fall Mouse, Woody and Donald Suicide Mouse start here.


  • On the left side, there is an entrance to Character Prep 1, as evidenced by the poster visible through this entrance. This poster stays the same when Oswald and Photo-Negative Mickey are here, but is altered when Suicide Mouse is here. This change caused by Suicide Mouse's arrival is reflected while Suicide Mouse is in the Character Prep 1.
  • This is the first camera the player will see upon bringing up the monitor.
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