Soulless Mickey is a Fanmade character in Five Nights at treasure Island who is a abandoned sad looking suit who lies in character prep 2

Appearance Edit

Souless mickey mouse looks like mickey mouse but his mouth is wide open almost like The Face . his right foot and left hand is flatten like it had been deflated. his hole body is sagged. his left ear looks like it had been ragged or bent. along with big wide empty eyes and a pale white face

Behavior Edit

Whenever Soulless mickey enters the office the player must shut off a cam or hide if not doing so or failing the 50% chance of surviving under the desk the player will be jumpscared resulting in a game over. If Soulless Mickey is being watched on the cameras he will never move until the player stops watching him this is a great strategy depending on the night he rarely appears

Locations Edit

Soulless Mickey starts in Character Prep 2 then moves to Staff Area then the Meat Freezer and finely The Office

Soulless Mickey might sometimes enter the Storage Room to hide before entering the Meat Freezer.

Trivia Edit

  • Soulless Mickey was voiced by Torrent1703 which is the creator of this OC
  • the quote "I'm hiding but you can't see me, what kinda person are you?" is referring to when Soulless Mickey is hiding in the storage room
  • The reason why he is so sagged and flat looking is due to blood lost
  • For some odd reason if you look closely, you can see on the black colors on his body, there is a tint of yellow
    • Oddly it is unsure why this occurs on the texture

Gallery Edit

Audio Edit

Soulless Mickey's moan
Why did everyone left us?
I must take revenge for them abandoning us
I'm hiding but you can't see me what kinda person are you?
Sometimes in life, I don't understand why Disney acts this way
Hello... Hello.. if anybody is here please tell me how to get out of this dirty looking place.
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