"A Little Torture Goes A Long Way" - Slashing Photo-Negative Mickey

Slashing Photo-Negative Mickey Is A Unofficial Animatronic In Five Nights At Treasure Island. I Is A Slashing Animatronic, Witch Are Minions Of Drakus. He Begins On Night 3 ( Unofficial ). He Is Photo-Negative Mickey With Sharp Claws, And Teeth. He Is Always Seen With A Psychotic Smile.


He Starts In ???, Witch is also drakus's starting point. He then teleports to the Meat Freezer, Character Prep One, The Roof, And Then The Office.


When Moving, He Can Say The Following...

"A Little Torture Goes A Long Way."

"Wanna See Your Head Come Off?"

"Do You Fear Death?"

"I Can Smell You."


The Slashing Animatronics And Drakus Are Connected To Suicide Mouse In Some Way.

His Shadow Is A Blood splatter on The Ground.

His Constant Smile Is Referencing To Jeff The Killer.

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