1. Please don't spam anyone, because no one likes that.
  2. You can add pics to this wiki just don't add inappropriate pictures.
  3. Don't start NSFW RPs.
  4. Don't make useless edits just for badge points.
  5. No sockpuppeting (using another account at the same time as your main account to break one of the rules)
  6. No avoiding your ban.
  7. No powerplaying/bunnying (using another player's character without their permission)
  8. Treat people with respect. (No name calling unless part of the RP, SEXISM OR RACISM IS NOT TOLERATED!)
  9. Do NOT edit anyone's Pages which has a "Don't Edit" template, you must ask the Creator before Editing

If an admin is behaving strangely or disobeying the rules, please contact the founder.

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