Unfortunately, this Wiki is not being followed. And to correct this situation a little, this article was created.

It is designed to redirect vandal, unnecessary, unofficial or simply unwanted edits.

This is done like this:

#redirect [[Redirecting Unwanted Pages]]

This scheme will be used until the old wiki administrators start working on the Wiki, which, unfortunately, most likely they will not do.

Reasons why they might be redirected here:

  • This page was created for the sake of vandalism.
  • The page was created to advertise something.
  • The page contains unofficial information.
  • The page was created empty.
  • The page is copying another article.
  • There is almost no character information on the page.
  • Incomprehensible page.
  • The page does not apply to the universe Five Nights at Treasure Island as a whole.

Please, if you translate the page here, be sure to write the reason!

List of redirected pages:
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