Rachel is a antagonist in FNATI.

Appearance Edit

She is the same as she is taken from TNAR, except missing a eye. She has 3 holes in her belly, 1 hole on her ear, 2 holes on her forearm, and her bow has a hole in it's back. She also has sharper teeth.

In her shade version, she has no eyes, and her eyes are replaced with spikes.

Behaivor Edit

She will start in Night 3. She will begin in the Meat Freezer and then go to the Staff Area, Character Prep 1, the Bathroom, and the Office. If you see her you must hide for roughly 15-30 seconds, which the player will be vulnerable to the suits. If not doing so, or turning off the power, and even shutting off a cam will result in her jumpscare.

Trivia Edit

  • If she appears before her official introduction, when she leaves the office, she will instantly jumpscare the player and crash the game.
  • She might be inspired.
  • Possessed Cindy and Rachel apply same use. They are both animatronics, but Possessed Cindy appears in A:DI.
  • She is the one who made a wolf animatronic who possesses baddies, named Donald. The wolf failed and caused possession to Cindy.
  • A option exists in the Extras, running a secret night.
  • She might be one of the 3 animatronics to speak when she moves, the other being Animatronic Goofy and Animatronic Donald.  
    Original Rachel

    Original Rachel