Photo Negative Patrick is a photo negative version of Patrick , who is antagonist in Five Nights At Nick's


PN patrick looks like patrick from the 2003 games except that he has photo negative coloring.

Cyan were there should of been pink. Blue were there should of been lime green.

Also as well he does not have pupils.


Although PN Patrick does not kill the player instead he will make his way to the TV Network room to cause a bunch of ads to pop up on the players computer screen which is in the office.

The player must stop PN patrick from getting in the TV Network room by distracting him by the sounds.

If not doing so or failing a ad will pop up and will appear for 10 seconds around this time the player is unable to view the cameras and squidward will hear music in the office and get closer.

PN Patrick will only move in the hallways around the film room wen ever the player lures him into another room with the audio which is the following hallway rooms

Hallway A1 Hallway A2 Hallway A3 Hallway A4


PN Patrick will start in the suits room and will make his way down to Hallway B2 and then the lobby to Hallway A4 Then Hallway A2 and finely the TV Network room.


  • PN Patrick has the same behavior as normal patrick but in a hole different strategy along with a different convinces of squidward to kill somebody.
  • PN Patricks behavior is similar to El Chip Behavior from the upcoming update for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator


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