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Photo-Negative Minnie
PN Girl Leak
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Color(s): Photo-negative
Starting location: CAM 3
First appearance: Night 1

Photo-Negative Minnie Mouse is an easter egg, and an antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island. It is currently unknown what her affect on gameplay will be.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Photo-Negative Minnie appears to be a normal Minnie Mouse suit, but with photo-negative coloring similar to Photo-Negative Mickey. She also appears to have missing eyes and has a pair of huge human-like teeth, no, she does not fart.

Behavior Edit

PN Minnie's behaviour is like Photo-Negative Mickey. She will jumpscare the player, like usual, but its believed she crashes the game when doing so.


Photo-Negative Minnie start hanging in Character Prep 1 and can go to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge and enter in The Office.

Unofficial Locations Edit

Photo-Negative Minnie starts hanging in Character Prep 1 and can go to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, Mickey's Clubhouse, Melted Stairway, and the Office.


  • Various voice files of a demented female voice in TBmHC are speculated to belong to Photo-Negative Minnie.
  • She possibly crashes the player's game when she is encountered.
  • She is possibly a hallucination.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie may have Henry's teeth.
All speculative information ends here.

Trivia Edit

  • Photo-Negative Minnie is one of two female enemies in the game, the other being Purity (or God).
    • She is also the second female character in game.
  • PN Minnie was made as the result of a request from a user on this wiki. The user suggested this character by submitting fanart that can be found here.
  • Although Photo-Negative Minnie in The Office (found in TBmHC) makes her appear to be relatively tall, PN Minnie is actually the same size as Photo-Negative Mickey in the game's third teaser.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie is possibly one of four suits that speaks in the game. The others being Photo-Negative Mickey, Goofy, and Oswald, probably also Undying