Phantom suits.

The main phantom is phantom face.

Phantoms are Easter eggs/rumors in the game.

Phantom face Phantom face Easter egg goes in the staff area then broadcasting room and then office. The player must hide and shut off the cam because he is flying in the office and if not do one of the things then he will jump scare u and then your game is over. Phantom face is burnt distorted Mickey, has navy blue burnt marks on him and grey at the chin.

Phantom negative Mickey ph negative Mickey Easter egg goes to cam 3 then cam 2 and then office in the middle of the sign treasure island. If you don't shut off or hide your game is over. Ph negative Mickey has grey all over him.

Phantom negative Minnie Phantom negative Minnie rumor goes to character prep 1 floating then lounge. If you find her for 7 seconds then your game is over. PHANTOM NEGATIVE MINNIE IS MOSTLY LIKE MINMIN.

Phantom goofy Phantom goofy has a head like shade goofy. He goes to bathroom then meat freezer. He enters your office then hide without shutting off a cam.

PHANTWALD. PHANTWALD IS SECOND MAIN CHARACTER of all phantoms and is antagonist. Notice phantwald has white face and has arms like the normal Oswald but half shade also. phantwald peers close to the cam in unknown cam2 if you find a bit of him then he comes to ur office just once.

Phantom suicide mouse Phantom mouse rumor is located in the bathroom then lounge and then office. u must shut off and hide. He will make a creepy noise. Pm will crash if stalling. Phantom blot

This character was suppose to be the main of all but isn't, phantom blot goes to 6 cams. Staff area, cam3, then 3 unknown cams then lounge then office. jumpscares and crashes if not shut off and hide!!!!!!!