There's something here that wasn't here before. Something terrible has happened. Something has changed. Changed. Changed. Changed. Changed. Changed. Changed.
— Unknown Voice
Outertale Sans
Species: Skeleton
Gender: Male
Color(s): White, black
Starting location: CAM 17 (Five Nights at Nun's 3)
First appearance: Night 3 (Unofficial)

Papalgamate is a secret character that can only be found if you type in "H E L P M E" during the title screen jumpscare. He is from the ARG/Undertale AU "HELP_tale". He has a 49% chance of replacing Sanstrosity.


Papalgamate has 6 blank Heads, 7 hands, and an eye in it's chest. His feet has been melted or turned to dust.


He can be seen in all locations in Pirate Caverns and Discovery Island EXCEPT for Undying's Room in Pirate Caverns and the Meat Freezer.


In Pirate Caverns, he is erratic and unpredictable, but not as dangerous as Sanstrosity. On Discovery Island, he is VERY fast and unpredictable.


All of its quotes are stock screaming sound effects that get louder the closer he is to you.

Custom Night Exclusive Quotes

"Stay here with me..."

"Come join the fun."

"Welcome to my special hell."

"Become one of us!"

"It's a real get together."


  • His jumpscare sound is several stock scream sound effects layered on top of each other.
  • Each of his heads have a single eye inside them. These eyes are only seen during These jumpscare.
  • If His AI is set to 20 on Custom Night, it will talk, much like the Sanstrosity.
  • His quotes are references to Lemon Bread and Memoryhead from Undertale.
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