Oswald 2.0 is an Antagonist/Protagonist in FNaTI.


He looks like Oswald but with some differences, most notably the heart connected to tubes in his torn body. He has mechanical arms which connect to his body. One of his legs is completely torn off, revealing the mechanical parts underneath. His right eye torn off, revealing the mechanical one. The right ear is fine... From the top but a tube connects this ear to the head.


Being a spare Oswald suit that was torn up, he acts similarly to Dark Oswald. He will start at the Lounge and will go to any other room to try and get into the office. Unlike any other suit, he kills you once he reaches the office. The only way to prevent him from killing you is to shut off one of your cameras when he's in a different room. He says some of what Dark Oswald says and this:

  • "When will the torture end?"
  • "Where is hybrid mouse?"
  • "I wish I could repay him for his kindness..."
  • "I can't take this anymore!"


He used to be human. However, in 1950, his life was "ended". He was killed by a murderer when he tried to protect some children. His costume was found in 1987 and in 1995, someone rebuilt the old suit and offered to put it in Treasure Island. He has since been decaying on the Forgotten Island, waiting for the killer to come to the island.


  • The reason he says torture is because of every other suit abuses him.
  • Him and hybrid mouse have friendly connection.
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