Nightmare Suicide Mouse (FNATI 2)
Suicie Mouze.png
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color(s): White, Black, Green, Gray
Starting location: Old Suits Room
First appearance: Night 5


He was the original suit. He was the first one abandoned. They thought he was a myth, but he has come back. He looks like the original Suicide Mouse, but with a wider mouth, teeth in his stomach, eye sockets, and mouth, human eyes, and missing his legs. He also has drill fingers like the Nightmares from FNAF 4.


He starts in the Hotel Lobby with Daisy Duck's body and Old Mickey. He becomes active on Night 5. When active, he will go into the Staff Area, Character Prep 1, Meat Freezer, Broadcasting Room, Storage Room, and the Office. His jumpscare is similar to Photo-Negative Mickey's jumpscare. He is also eyeless in his jumpscare.


  • Nightmare Suicide Mouse is from Nightmare Before Disney
  • In HARDCORE MODE, he is replaced by The Rat
  • His jumpscare noise is actually a heavily edited gunshot noise.


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