Official Nights

Unofficial Nights

Night 7 is the seventh playable night of Five Nights at Treasure Island. The player can change the A.I. levels of the characters on this night. There are also set challenges that the player can choose from that set the A.I. levels of certain suits.



You can get prizes by winning the presets.

  • The Most Creepypastas: Suicide Mouse plushie.
  • Ladies Night: Photo-Negative Minnie bowtie and figure.
  • Beheaded: Goofy action figure.
  • House of Mouse: Photo-Negative Mickey plushie.
  • Costume Carnival: A third star in the menu screen.
  • 50/50/50/50: Office gets fixed.
  • The Team: Oswald plushie.

Presets with Unofficial Characters Edit


  • Night Of The Wolves: Criminal The Wolf plushie.
  • Left and Unfinished: A craft box with a note on it that reads "You can use this to finish them! Love, Anonymous".
  • Mickey Time: Steamboat Willy playset on the desk.
  • 50/50/50/50: The sign is hung up on the wall.
  • Opposites: Photo-Negative Mickey bobblehead.
  • Double Trouble: Conjoined figure.
  • Modern Times: Toys of Stitch, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Olaf, Dipper Pines, and Violet Incredible on the desk.
  • Quarter Past Monster: A Vile Fang taken from a Deviljho.
  • Great. Great. Great.: A mounted Great Jaggi head on the wall.
  • Ailurophobia: A Paw Pass Ticket taped to your monitor.
  • SWAP.ADJ: A golden, heart-shaped locket placed in the ashtray.