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Night 5 is the fifth playable night of Five Nights at Treasure Island. The Shade, Walt, God, Terror Minnie, Minnie Mouse, The Rat, Nightmare Suicide Mouse, Magrolo Mouse, PN uwanted mickey, Min min,  Death, Royal tigerx,l

ludroth, Parvaput, Mil Nikole, Bambi, Plo, photo negitive stitch Withered Photo Negative Mickey and all suits from the previous nights are all active on this night.

Notes Edit

Most of the suits are moving through the Island, looking for you. Be wary of Terror Minnie as she can appear on multiple cameras at once and you must keep the monitor up for a short time, but not too long. Also Bambi forces you to turn three cameras off if he gets into the office and Nightmare Suicide Mouse is after you.

Phone CallEdit

Night 4 & 5 Update Original Phone Call:

Jake, hey! It's Henry from Bahama Island. But knowing, I think it's gonna be all out tonight. Mostly every suit we'll be after you. Listen Jake. We managed to get a good look around the island. Now, I have some things to tell you. We saw a Bambi suit in the Lounge and its body parts are not connected and are just floating. We were recently also given a suit with a small head. We threw him in Storage to get rid of him. But he got out as is moving through the island. Then this thing that looks like the greyscale Mickey suit but much more terrifying is in the Safe Room. We tried to keep him out, but it didn't stop him.

Now finally, we found a body with a left arm and no head. It appears to be Meand hasn't done anything since we found him. *Footsteps* WHAT THE HECK! *Noo-Noo screaming* HELP ME! *Call hung up*

Full Game Phone Call:

Um, is it Jake? It's me, Greg. Well, some bad news here: we may have to end out studies, as for this place is becoming dangerous. Today, one worker got lost, and when he came back, he was injured and freaked out. So we'll probably leave soon. We still do have a lot of stuff, though, so we are good on artifacts. Anyways, one more thing: there's apparently some kind of weird lizard-like suit we found in storage... *Loud footsteps and low-pitched whimpering* WHAT THE CRAP! *Royal Ludroth screaming* HELP ME! *call hung up*