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Night 3 is the third playable night of Five Nights at Treasure Island. Donald Duck's Body, Criminal The Wolf, ForniTerror Mickey, Woody, Violet Incredible, Ariel, Ortensia, Papalgamate, Photo Negative Disembodied, Rachel, Old Oswald, Huey Dewey Louie, Scar, Golden Oswald, Melynx, Great Baggi, The Melted, Wreck-It Ralph, The Lucky Mouse, Drawkill Hourglass, Draw kill Suicide Mouse, Donald Scrap Baby , Mike Wazowski, Snow White, Wheezy, Rancis Fluggerbutter, Luan.EXE, Pluto, Acephalous's Body, Photo-Negative Minnie, Undying, bloodbath mouse, and all suits from the previous nights are active on this night. Happy can rarely become active on this night, before his introduction on the next one, however he is not aggressive and only moves to the Storage Room and the Bathroom.

Notes Edit

The headless Goofy suit, Acephalous, won't react to cameras being off. But if you hide under the desk or turn off the power, it will work. Also watch out for Huey Dewey Louie. Shut off the power before they reach the office and leave you defenseless. Checking the Meat Freezer is much more important now. If the red humanoid figure in it appears at your right door and the lights start flashing, you must shut off the power. Finally, NEVER SHUT OFF THE MEAT FREEZER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!

Phone CallEdit

3 Night Demo Phone Call:

Hey, Jake! It's Jack, one of the other people of the SSA. How's gathering the data going? Did you also make sure not to damage the equipment? If you had, then Greg may get mad over it. Uh, anyways, Greg and Lisa forgot to mention this, knowing that they always forget important stuff like this, especially if you're stuck on an island with possessed suits. When we were on this island, we had found a headless Goofy suit lying around in the Janitor's Closet, which is connected to the Bathrooms. We found that this suit is also possessed unfortunately. If he at all goes into your Office, we found that hiding under your desk will get him away. Piece of cake.

Oh, and also, we need you check out this area on the island by the name of Pirate Caverns. Just check to see if Henry is in there. He's been missing for ages. If you can do that, that'll be great. Anyways, I'll let you continue your job. I wish you luck on this night. Good night and good luck!

Full Game Phone Call:

*Quacks and Interferences* You took it... *Old Style Music* We want it back...(Loud) back...(Echo) *Quacks and Interferences*. Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Oh thank goodness this got through. Listen, please. My name is Henry, and I know what's going on. Uh, I can't tell you over the phone. They might be listening. Please, just, if you can hear this, please, meet me in Pirate Caverns tomorrow and tell no one. I promise, I'll tell you everything-