Neon Mickey
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color(s): Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Starting location: Roof
First appearance: Night 2

Neon Mickey is a custom enemy in Five Nights At Treasure Island. He is based on this Disney Home Video logo (Warning: May be loud)


Neon Mickey has the same model as Photo-Negative Mickey, but is heavily modified. His body always glows, and changes colors between Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. His eyes are always black. Unlike the logo he was based on, he is not a shadow with a glowing outline.


Neon Mickey starts on the Roof, on Night 2. He randomly teleports around the building, and when back on the Roof, he will teleport to the Office. When there, the player must hide and stop hiding rapidly until he leaves


  • When active, he can say:
    • "The Closet Is Your Enemy"
    • "I'm Coming Closer, And Closer"
    • "(Psychotic Laughter)"
    • Why Do We Suffer
      • These are subtle references to other scary logos (Except for the Psychotic Laughter)
  • His jumpscare consists of him spinning his head upside-down and back to normal while a booming loud dstorted fanfare plays. This references the logo he is based on.
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