Mr krabs looks like the original 3D krabs from 2003 Games except that his long eyes are gone and his torso body is sagged.


Mr krabs will start on night 2 and will crawl from the vent to get into the office of the right side. wen he is ready to fly fro the vent into the office the player must turn off the air ventilation to stop his fin body from being blown in downward into the office. if the player hears a bang sound the player is safe enough to turn the ventilation back on. if the player does not turn off the ventilation or fails mr krabs will be blown into the office straight into the players face resulting in a jumpscare.

on night 2 if the player fails or does not at all stop squidward from breaking the power boxes mr krabs will be active on the power out after a thew seconds in the office the tv screen will turn on showing a easter egg of the song Oh yea mr krabs after the song ends the player is given a thew seconds untill 6 am if not the player will be jumpscared by mr krabs.


Mr krabs will start in the closet and will make his way down Hallway B2 and then will crawl fro vent A1 and then will fly fro vent A2 into the office if the not then he will pass the vent into vent B1 and B2 and will teleport to the lobby and will reloop his cycle into Hallway B2.

on night 2 on the power out mr krabs will simply teleport to the office and will soon try to jumpscare the player.


  • Although Mr krabs is not a disney character but he is related to the mascot suit that is from Nickelodeon
  • The Original Mr krabs model was taken from the game SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom
    • The model is found Here


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