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"Want to play?..." ~Minnie Mouse Minnie Mouse is one of the enemies in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


This suit represents Minnie Mouse, one of Disney's main characters and also Mickey Mouse's girlfriend. In Treasure Island, she is a suit based of that character.

Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse.png
Some attributes
First Mouse
Second Female
Third Red, Black, White
Other attributes
Fourth Starts in Storage Room

Fifth= night 5


Minnie starts off in the Storage Room, along with Oswald, but she remains off Camera, which when she comes out, she can be seen to the right of the camera, but not facing the camera, as she will be in that pose of facing the door way.

When moving, echoing througout the building, says "Hey there" or "Want to Play?"


Minnie starts off in the Storage Room, which it then goes onto Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Staff Lounge, roof (rarely 50/50) then into the Office, which like Photo Negative Minnie, she will be stood in front of the desk, arms out.


  • Minnie is like the Normal Mickey Suit, which the colors are normal instead of Photo Negative
  • Unlike Photo Negative Minnie, Minnie's face isn't distorted


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