Min min

Min min is a normal Minnie mouse without teeth and without black dotted eyes but has normal Disney eyes as Mickey. Min min is a hallucination when she is active. The player must shut off and hide or else she will jump scare.

Min min starts in the roof then moves to staff area, then character prep one floating, then meat freezer then bathroom(rarely)then lounge then office. Min min is active on night 5.


just like impure mouse or photo negative minnie she follows mick mick on night five. (Example) she goes where mick mick goes But she goes which cam is close to mick mick if not exactly the cam mick mick goes.

night 5 phone call. "Hello it's Greg back, anyway I found pete,Donald's body, phew, that white figure, Daisy's body, a normal mickey and (screams and deaths) Woah WOAHHHH."