Mil Nikole is a easter egg in FNATI.

Appearance Edit

He is 8 years old and has a white t-shirt. He also has blue shorts, at night he changes them to part of his dad's gray pants. He doesn't wear shoes, except while going to the city. In his shade version, his eyes are replaced by spikes, and his skin has some holes in his back. He also is missing a spike on his eye socket.

Behaivor Edit

He will start in Night 5 with his enemy, Jasmine Nikole. He will randomly enter the office, really near to them. If you look at him for around 3-6 seconds, he will jumpscare them, ending the night. When he ends the night, then he will appear, closely, shaking. He will say "'Why could I have lost my girlfriend? I couldn't have to lose girlfriends any longer. I love Cindy. A lot! You will regret hugging her. Help me! I want to pass this night." and then he will leave. Then he will stop shaking. He will return after a second, peeking at the doorway. He will then come closer. Then, he will fall down. He will get up, and his left arm will shake. Then his enemy goes into the office, and breaks his left arm by snatching it. Then he will automatticaly fall down again. Then his eyes will later fall off his eye sockets. Then you will be caught up on being jumpscared by Jasmine Tarie. After Jasmine Tarie disappears, the player will end up having the monitor snatched, and the game will close. If the player hides instantly when he is in the office, after around 3 to 6 seconds the player will be getting up from under to desk, but the player will be able to roam around. After 2 ingame hours passed, the player will be greeted with a special minigame called the Night Adventures. In the minigame, the suits will not be rude but will follow the player if they look at them for a second. If they follow Pluto, he will auto-jumpscare them.

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to be reworked from Oswald's Revenge.
  • He tracks Cindy using his disabled markers.
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