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MickMick The Mouse is an antagonist in the Five Nights at Treasure Island series.


He is a normal Mickey suit But With Human Eyes

Appearence (FNaTI 3)Edit

He is an apparently normal mickey suit with brown eyes, one of them having a red point, also seems to be slithy bigger than a regular mickey suit also has the hourglass simbol from FNATI 2017.


GAY The Mouse starts off camera in the Storage Room before appearing. Then he moves to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Suit Workshop, Bathroom and Lounge before coming into the Office. If the player does not shut off a camera, hide, or turn off the power, MickMick will jumpscare he/she and cause a game over.

Behavior (Fnati 3)Edit

He Starts at night 3 in the Basement, goes to the storage room, the hallway, the lounge, and the Office.

Mickmick is known to be extremely quiet and erratic, for this reason can catch off guard multiple players, or at least be spotted already at the lounge or Office; if the player spots Mickmick inside the office, he must use the radio until he go to the kitchen, if the player sucess, Mickmick wll go to the kitchen, in this point, multiple things can happen: 1: mickmick go to the storage and start his path from there. 2: mickmick start his path from the kitchen. 3/4: mickmick can do any of the last two things but exiting the kitchen almost immediatly.

but if the player fails to use the radio mickmick will kill the player and end the night with a Game Over



Mickmick is similar to The Face.

In FNaTI 3, Mickmick is covered by a door or the darkness in exactly half of his placements.

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