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Melted Impure Mouse
Melted impure mouse by photo negativemickey-d9lahm2 (1)
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Color(s): Black, Caucasian, Red, Blue, Pink
Starting location: Unknown Cam 2/Storage Room
First appearance: Night 2


Old Impure Mouse appears to have a very diffrent apperance from what she once was. She has no nose, a much more human like smile, her left eye socket has melted out, while her right has a human eye in it, and missing an arm. Her jumpscare consists of jumping at the player.


She starts on Night 2 in the Storage Room. She will then go to all the rooms Impure Mouse went to in the first game, including the Old Suits Room


She is one of the few characters who can talk, saying things like:

     -Whats the point of living?

     -Where is he?

    - *high pitch laugh*

The model was made by an awesome wiki contributer, Photo-Negative Mickey

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