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The Lounge, also known as CAM 6, is a location in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island and the Creepypasta Abandoned by Disney. It is a small dark waiting room with two sofas, an arm chair, a table with a broken candle stick and shards of glass, and an old grainy black telephone on the table. There is a picture frame of a ship, a torn down "No smoking" poster, and a few duck stickers on the wall and floor. There are also some stray wires on the furniture and on the stone, grainy floor and a doorway. Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald, Photo-Negative Minnie, Willy, Impure Mouse and Hour Glass can be seen in this area.

Easter Eggs

  • All of the suits' heads will appear randomly in this camera, similar to the backstage Easter Egg in the game Five Nights at Freddy's
Official Locations
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