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Julius is an character that used to helped Alice in Alice's Comedies and one of the main antagonists of FNATI Reimagined, he appears, along with the gang, in Night 1.



Julius appears as the Julius we know, but with cutted eyes with an only red glowing one, he has big claws that some people calls "Gloves" and his legs are replaced with spikes. His right ear is also torn off.


Julius appears in Character Prep 1 along with PN Mickey, Disembodied and Oswald, he will activate after PN Mickey and Disembodied are ready to attack. He goes to the Meat Freezer, Bathroom, and Left Entrance before going to the Office. Shine the flashlight on him to make him go away, fail and he'll jumpscare you.


  • Julius is based on the Julius of the Alice cartoons.
  • Julius is withered because the Corruptus corrupted the suit.
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