José "Zé" Carioca
Species: Parrot
Gender: Male
Color(s): Green,Black
Starting location: Latin Cove
First appearance: Night 1 (rarely) Night 2

José "Zé" Carioca is an iconic Disney Character. He appears on Night 2 and rarely on Night 1. He acts similar to Photo-Negative Mickey.

Appearance Edit

José is similar to his original counterpart: he is a green parrot with a suit, black bow tie and a hat. However, he is missing his cigar and his umbrella. It should be noted that José has discoloration at the beak. José was half-complete until Disney abandoned Treasure Island, which is why he doesn't have an umbrella, a cigar, and the reason he has discoloration on the beak.

Locations Edit

José starts in Latin Cove with Panchito. He can move to the Broadcasting Room, Character Prep 1, the Staff Area, and the Lounge, then he will wander to the Office and stay at the right side staring at the player.

Behavior Edit

José is very fast and active when not being watched, but becomes slowed down when he is found on camera. The reason for this is that José seems to be more active when he is alone.

José speaks in a Brazilian accent and says things like:

  • "Hello, my friend."
  • "Have you been to Bahia?"
  • "Say hi to your worst nightmare..."

Rumors/Theories Edit

  • José is not as intelligent as he might think.
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