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Jake Smith
Species: Human
Gender: Male

First appearance: Night 1

Jake Smith is the main protagonist of the game, Five Nights at Treasure Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island 5:The Final Chapter, and is the sole character who is controlled by the player. Jake monitors Treasure Island to collect data for a research team by the name of SSA, of which he is an intern. Jake's full name was revealed in one of Greg's e-mails, where he mentions an intern named "Jake Smith".


  • Jake might smoke, as in The Office there are cigarette butts and an ashtray on the table. However, these may just be there for decoration.
    • It is also possible that Henry left these cigarette butts there.
    • Jake also might be a light smoker, as you only see those cigarettes throughout the whole game.
  • Lisa may be Jake's friend, as the way she talks to him and how she refers to herself: "Jake? Hey, it's me, Lisa!"
  • It is unknown why Jake Smith won't quit his job.
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