Insane Po is an antagonist in FNaTI.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

She looks similar to Po, Teletubbies expect with a missing lower jaw and having bloody sharp teeth on the mouth. She haves a huge hole on the front of the body, revealing her endoskeleton, she also haves the top of the antenna missing, however no endoskeleton is revealed. She haves exposed parts on the left leg, right lower leg and left leg. She is also missing her kneecaps, right forearm and left foot. She haves no endoskeleton in her jumpscare. Large and bloody spikes emerge from her eyes sockets and her head is distorted.

Behavior Edit

She can appear rarely on the office, if she appears, the player will have 12 seconds to open the monitor, otherwise she will kill the player and reset the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Her AI can be edited in the custom night.