Ignited True Mickey
Photo negative mickey full body by fnatirfanfullbodies-da16i81.png
Species: Mouse, Demon
Gender: Male
Color(s): Red, Dark Teal, Dark Turquoise, Navy, Black
Starting location: CAM 1
First appearance: Title Screen
Becomes active on: Ignited Mode (True Ending)

Ignited True Mickey is an true main antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Joy of Creation.



Ignited True Mickey seems to resemble his Original Look, however, the rest of his colors seem to be having a red color tint mixture. His eyes are replaced with Photo-Negative Mickey's eyes. He is badly burnt, deform, and destroyed. He lacks his left ear, his right foot (mostly parts of his right leg), and his right hand, part of his right arm.


(Five Nights at Treasure Island: Ignited Mode) Ignited True Mickey appears on Ignited Mode, he has True Mickey's behaviour, but is much more aggressive and most dangerous, albeit more than dangerous. Unlike in his Original Look, activating the Office Light has 50/50 chance of surviving, hiding under the desk always makes him go away.

(FNATI: The Joy Of Creation: Found) Ignited True Mickey will occasionally appear on the cameras on all nights. On Night 6 and in Ignited Mode", he is the most aggressive enemy. He starts in a random area (or the Staff Area), but moves in a specific path toward the Office. When he is in the Office, the player must activate the Office Light or Hide to make him disappear, however if they take too long, or fails/neglects to do so in time or doesn't at all, he will kill the player.

-The Joy Of Creation (Night 6)- Ignited True Mickey will start in the Staff Area, however, he remains outside the cameras at 12:AM. At 1:AM, True Mickey will reappear in the Staff Area, standing, looking at the camera, then moves to Meat Freezer at 2:AM. AT 3:AM, the building will enter "low power mode" and the power will become extremely limited. True Mickey will fight face to face with the Player until 6:AM. Sometimes, he can move in the Office, where the player must activate the lights to make him go away, and sometimes the player will hear static and the power will begin to drain, where the player must press "X" to deactivate the TV's in the Broadcasting Room remotely. Occasionally, Undertale-like scenes will occur during this part of Night 6 and the player must dodge the Mickey heads in a fashion similar to Undertale (avoid the white bullets, move through the orange and stand still through the blue). This was removed in version 1.1. After that, the "true final battle" begins.

-Final Battle (Pre-1.1) Beta- True Mickey will attack randomly with yellow, orange and blue Mickey heads similar to in Nightmare. Larger versions of the Mickey heads will appear on occasion and later on in the fight, lasers will start appearing along with green Mickey heads. Green Mickey heads will heal the player. The player must press Fight using the Z button when the button appears to attack.

-Final Battle (1.1)- True Mickey will attack in "waves". The waves are randomly selected. - True Mickey will be spewing white Mickey heads while blue and orange Mickey heads fly throughout the screen. The Mickey heads will move more rapidly later in the fight.

  • - Large white and black Mickey heads will slowly fall down the screen.
  • - Lasers will be randomly attacking the player in certain numbers. These numbers increase later throughout the fight.
  • - True Mickey will slash at the player's SOUL. If the player does not keep moving, they will take substantial damage.

-The Joy of Creation: Final Battle- Once the player has died from the White, Blue/Cyan, and White Mickey heads (or jumpscared by True Mickey), Photo-Negative Mickey saves the player within his yellow blood. Once resurrected, True Mickey's battle sprite will appear, as a slightly sped up version of Hopes and Dreams from Undertale will play along. He attacks with Blue Mickey heads, and sets of white lines that suddenly pop out (after the red warning line appears). If the player is not careful, damage increases. This battle tends to get more faster, making it more harder. For the player to attack, go to the "FIGHT" button, then blood will come out, then he'll show is health bar. Randomly, a big Mascot Photo-Negative Mickey head will appear.

Once True Mickey is defeated, dialogue will show:

  • "..."
  • "You have defeated me..."
  • "I am more powerful than you... I should have defeated you."
  • "But, you still won..."
  • "Jake, want to know the real reason why I wanted to kill you?"
  • "Because, I wanted to be able to escape this hell."
  • "I wanted to entertain..."
  • "That's why I was doing this."
  • "..."
  • "I can't go back to my home dimension."
  • "This place is like a prison."
  • "Trapped here, no friends, nothing to do."
  • "Maybe, we can become friends?"
  • "I guess we can be."
  • "But, this is such a big change."
  • "Okay, I will leave you alone..."
  • "Wait..."
  • "Maybe you can come with me."
  • "I think it would be a good idea to be friends."
  • "Maybe help out with the SSA?"
  • "Thank you..."
  • "Now, I will finally have a purpose in this dimension."
  • "Thank you..." (again)
  • "Jake, you're okay!"
  • "Dad?"
  • "You're alive?"
  • "But I saw your... (body in the Meat Freezer)"
  • "Don't worry, son."
  • "That inverted Mickey costume was worried that I was dead..."
  • "He took my wallet, which I had..."
  • "...and he found out that his blood type... It's the same as mine."
  • "I was in a red humanoid costume this whole time, and I didn't want to hurt you."
  • "But, he did."
  • "I don't want to anymore."
  • "Jake..."
  • "I think i'm the one who needs to apologize."
  • "Let's end everything, right here, right now."
  • "Because you have befriended all of us."
  • "Even me (and True Mickey)."


Ignited True Mickey will start in CAM 1, which he'll proceed onto Character Prep 1, the Broadcasting Room, the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, and the Lounge. After the 3:AM clock timer, he will then enter the Office.



  • "What well..."
  • "You give a destroy a destruction of Treasure Island."
  • "You'll never leave."
  • "Go out to Treasure Island."
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