Ignited Suicide Mouse is one of the two Quaternary and cartoonist antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Joy of Creation, alongside of Ignited Willy, another ignited Mickey Mouse suit/toon in grayscale.

Ignited Suicide Mouse
Ignited suicide mouse by thomasmariofan48-dbckc4b.png
Species: Mouse; Toon
Gender: Male
Color(s): Black, White, Gray
Starting location: Broadcasting Room
First appearance: Ignited Mode
Becomes active on: Ignited Mode



Ignited Suicide Mouse is based on his original look, except he has luminous eye-pupils, one of his arms are missing, his left ear is missing it's half of it. He has depicted black shoes, and a darker color scheme. He also has a wider smile. Out of all Ignited Suits, he appears to be the only suit that is not burnt, and is the least damaged.


Ignited Suicide Mouse appears on Ignited Mode. He acts like Suicide Mouse's behavior but much more dangerous and aggressive. When he's active, the TV in the Broadcasting Room turns on and the slower/demonic/distorted version of Suicidemouse.avi will play. When he enters the Office, the room will become black and white, similar to Happy Mouse. Unlike in his original look, the player must hide under the desk if he's in the Office.


Ignited Suicide Mouse starts in the Broadcasting Room, and will proceed to directly take a direct path toward the Office, he'll eventually enter in Character Prep 1, then proceeds to the Staff Area, then the Meat Freezer and enters the Office.


  • "Real suffering is still not known."
  • "I've seen true despair."
  • "The true despair never ends."


Transcript Audio Plays When...
"This place is a suicide."
Moving around the locations.
"Real suffering is not known!"
Moving around the locations.
"The sights of hell bring it's viewers back in."
Moving around the locations.
"I don't deserve this life."
Moving around the locations.
"I have made many mistakes."
Moving around the locations.
"I have seen true despair."
Moving around the locations.
*Ignited Suicide Mouse's Screech*
Killing the player.
*Earliest Generation of Ignited Suicide Mouse's Screech*
Killing the player.

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