Ignited Past Mickey
Species: Mouse; Suit
Gender: Male
Color(s): Tan, Gray, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Peach, Skin.
Starting location: Character Prep 1
First appearance: Ignited Mode
Becomes active on: Night 6 (Good Ending)

Ignited Past Mickey is Ignited Mickey from the past, and is the Night 6's major antagonist in FNATI: The Joy of Creation.



Ignited Past Mickey is a regular Mickey Mouse suit, which he is badly burnt, exaggerated, distorted, and heavily damaged. He has damaged, torn-like ears. He has eyeless eye-sockets, but one of them is permanently turned off, showing a luminous eye-pupil. He has waved dents, and also has bad-like textures.


Ignited Past Mickey appears on Night 6 (along with Ignited Photo-Negative Mickey), but is aggressive on Ignited Mode. He has the same behaviour of Past Mickey, but is more aggressive and dangerous. Unlike in his original look, he starts to become a threat on Ignited Mode. Hiding under the desk always makes him go away.


Ignited Past Mickey starts in Character Prep 1 (before the player looks at CAM 3), being stood, looking at the camera, arms out. Then, he will wander through the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Bathroom, the Lounge, and proceeds to the Office.



  • ''Don't leave me...''
  • ''Why did you burn me?''
  • ''Why did they all died?...''
  • ''No more... more corruptuses.''
  • ''(Err)--n";back;...Bak;-ooo.;."
  • ''Please love me...''
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