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The Humanoids together with the Suits apart from Daisy and Slester.

The Humanoids are enemies that don't seem to be actual suits. They appear to be more human-like than what a suit would be. These suits are named:


A tall, white, female humanoid that will start in the Meat Freezer on Night 5. Her official name is currently unknown.


A very tall, red-colored humanoid. It will start in a cage in the location called "Pirate Caverns". Its room can be accessed by an elevator. During the main gameplay he will start in the Meat Freezer.


A short humanoid with big empty eyes and a mouth, and what appears to be suture marks on its chest and stomach. It also appears to have two needles through its body, one going through its shoulders, and the other through its head.

Henry (Humanoid)

Henry was a former SSA member. He is a yellow, distorted, human type figure, which is missing his arm and head. A shape of a shirt and boots are visible.

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