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Henry (Humanoid)
Henry body.png
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Color(s): Yellow, Black
Starting location: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown

Henry was a former SSA (Supernatural Studies Association) member working as an intern but he soon disappeared on the notorious Treasure Island for unknown circumstances.


Henry worked as an intern for the SSA. He was stationed at Treasure Island but during his time there he investigated the company by looking into things he wasn't supposed to be looking in. This eventually lead to his disappearance at Treasure Island. The company noticed this but didn't do anything about and told everyone to not talk about it. Further evidence proves this as another fellow intern Jake Smith is stationed at Treasure Island but seemingly knows nothing about Henry's disappearance. Henry left messages for anyone to find to get him out of there but it is presumed he had died or was killed. He eventually turned into a mess becoming another person (this time human) who will attempt to kill.


Henry is a burnt yellow, distorted, human type figure, which is missing his arm and head. A shape of a shirt and boots are visible.


Henry's in-game behaviour is currently unknown.


Henry could make a possible appearance in Pirate Caverns.


  • Lisa may know what happened to Henry because she warns the player about the Pirate Caverns.
  • Henry's humanoid appearance has been removed from Edition 1, but he still plays a role in the game.
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