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Species: Human
Gender: Male
It's now almost 2:00 AM, eastern time. We still haven't found Henry.
— Greg's thirteenth log entry

Henry is the intern that worked at Treasure Island before Jake did. As explained in several logs from TGsEE, Henry wandered off without supervision, and Lisa and Greg could not find him. This later led to them hiring a new intern named Jake Smith.

The creator of the game, Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez, has stated that Henry will make an appearance in the game. It is unknown yet of how he will appear, whether through a suit, a phone call, or even as himself.

Rumors/Theories Edit

  • It is possible that Henry left the cigarette butts on the ashtray in the Office.
  • It is also possible Henry ended up dying and was found, but Lisa and Greg attempt to cover it up, in fear that funding for their project will be halted.
    • The Undying could have killed Henry.
    • Henry could have been killed in the Office and recorded a message for Jake because he knew he was going to die as Lisa said that she left him alone and he went missing right behind her.
    • Henry's skull may be in the Donald Duck head.
  • The player may play as Henry during Pirate Caverns.
  • Henry may be an antagonist.
    • He also may be possessed in some way.
  • Henry may have dropped his research camera in Undying's room.
  • The silhouette of the legs in Trailer #1 could be Henry.
    • The severed arm in the scene where The Face appears may be Henry's.
  • Henry may be found at the end of Pirate Caverns.
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