Hellbound Goofy is main antagonist in Five Night At Treasure Island:The End Of Disney V2


Unlike his normal counterpart,his head is put on.It only repair.The entire suit is torn,bloody,dusty,burnt,and missing several limbs.He has a human inside his head,and has a phantom like eyes.


He will star on Attic,then goes to Staff Area,then Lounge and then the office.If he in Office,the player must shut off camera to get rid of him.Falling or Negelecting will cause him killing the player,resulting a game over.


  • "Hear me..."
  • "Have a heart..Please"
  • "I thought you love me..."
  • "Do you think leaving me here, would prove anything?..."
  • "I call for help...But you didn't listen..."
  • "Hear me.." (Louder/Less Echo)
  • "I'm still here..."
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