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"Who is that black and white Mickey Suit with a creepy smile? I don't know, maybe I will call him Happy Mouse. Also, that not-cleaned Mickey Mouse Suit jumpscares me at the end."~Jake Smith

Happy Mouse
Starting Location: Broadcasting Studio
Gender: Male
Colour(s): Grayscale; Pale
Species: Mouse
Gets active on: Night 3

Happy Mouse is the tertiary, later devolved into one of the 2 Quaternary & Cartoonist antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let The Show Begin, alongside of Abandoned Willy, Abandoned Acephalous (A.K.A Abandoned Goofy) and Abandoned Suicide Mouse.

Main Information

When Happy Mouse is not awake, the building is quiet (whichever location he is in), once he awakens to get the guard, the distorted music of Suicidemouse.avi will then play, echoing through the whole building, alerting those who are in it, that he is awake. When walking around the building, Happy Mouse, like Suicide Mouse, has his hands tucked behind his back, but when he's approaching someone, he reaches his arms out, preparing to attack whoever is in-sight. When walking into a Location, that room becomes black and white, also making Suicide Mouse's face appearing on any Pictures around that area.


Happy Mouse, previously 1 of the Spare Suits being used, while the Original Suits were broken/torn, and they're getting Repaired. The Spare Suits were being used during Treasure Island being opened normally. Now. due to Treasure Island's abandonment, Happy Mouse was left in the Broadcasting Studio, rather than in the Suit Warehouse.


Happy Mouse's appearance is based off his previous self, Happy Mouse, but is shown to have heavy discoloration, and is lacking-in expression on his face. As his name suggests, he has this abandoned look, of being covered in too many dust. This causes his colors to heavily show discoloration, the buttons are the only thing that's not dusty. His head has 2 large eye-holes, which is actually empty in the inside. His color pallets is grayscale, his nose is gray. He has a huge pair of grayscale human-like teeth.

In Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let The Show Begin's V1/2 concept, he remains the same, save for a few sinister differences. His colors are duller, and has a beigish-color-tint on him. His human-like teeth, torn-like eyes, and his mouth is waved. In-game, he looks exactly like the Original Happy Mouse. The reason for this form is unknown.


Happy Mouse will activate on Night 3, approaches on 1:00AM.

Whenever Happy Mouse becomes active, the TV's in the Broadcasting Studio will turn on, and a demonic/slower music-tune of Suicidemouse.avi on piano-like will play. Unlike most of the abandoned suits, he will take 3 direct paths to The Office:

  1. Happy Mouse will enter the other rooms on his direct path, going directly towards the player.
  2. He will move along multiple room along his direct path, again, heading directly towards The Office.
  3. Like Abandoned Suicide Mouse, Happy Mouse will proceed to head directly toward The Office, instead of going back and forth between/toward CAMs.

Once Happy Mouse gets into The Office, he will appear in front of the desk, hands tucked in behind his back. To get rid of him, play the monitor noise somewhere in the building, this creates a loud noise to draw Happy Mouse to another room. If the player takes too long to do this in time, Happy Mouse will then attack the player.


Happy Mouse starts in the Broadcasting Studio, which he'll then enter the other rooms on his direct path, being:


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