Species: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Color(s): Red, Dark Blue
Starting location: Suit Workshop
First appearance: Night 4

Happy is one of the Seven Dwarfs' and a suit and antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island. When Disney planned to make a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' attraction on Treasure Island, he was only halfway finished when Disney abandoned Treasure Island. There is a rare occurence that he appears on Night 3 before his official introduction on Night 4.


Happy looks just like his original counterpart, he's short, chubby and has a large smile on his face, but he isn't fully finished as said above, he is missing an arm, he's blind and his head and hat are untextured making him pretty hard to spot, similarly to Oswald. Those two can be seen in the Staff Area together, usually when Happy is looking at the camera but it's possible to do when Happy is lying down. Happy like the other suits can hear but much more then the others, to the point where he will become hostile if he hears a loud noise.


Happy starts in the Suit Workshop, lying on the ground, sometimes he can be seen looking at the camera. He then proceeds to move to the Meat Freezer, the Bathroom, the Janitor's Closet, the Staff Area, the Storage Room, then finally the office. He can also appear on the Stairway as a hallucination.


Happy starts becoming active on Night 4, but as said above there is a chance that he moves on Night 3. If that happens then he will move to the Storage Room and Bathroom only and will be very inactive, it is impossible for him to kill the player if he moves on Night 3. Happy moves quickly and ramps up the difficulty of the game. If Happy enters The Office, the player must hide under the desk or do nothing because if the player shuts off a camera then he will jumpscare the player due to him becoming hostile if hearing a loud noise.


-"Why was I left behind?"

-"I am not dead yet."

-"You can't stop me."

-"There's nothing left."

Trivia. Edit

  • Happy is one of the most active Suits in the game.
  • If Donald Duck gets into The Office, Happy will jumpscare the player after 5 seconds of getting inside The Office. This can be avoided by hiding before Happy enters.

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