Description Edit

Gory looks like a blood red humanoid with yellow glowing eyes. She appears to be melting a little. It is a female. She has brownish hair that is hard to see due to the red color. She has the voice of a 7 year old girl. Similar to God, she has little -cough- boobs -cough- so the player can tell it's female. If you check the cameras she's in the soundtrack So Cold from undertale will play. The sound that plays in the cams she's in:

Locations Edit

Gory activates on Night 4. She moves through every room. You need to turn off a cam, hide or turn off the power to make her leave.

Quotes Edit

"Help me...please..."

"Where am I?"

"It's so cold..."

"He's watching me......"

"He's making me do this."

Trivia Edit

She may have connection to Pestilence, as she is heard speaking to him in the night 4 cutscene. In the cutscene the screen is black but you can hear voices.

She may also have a connection to Feral Slime.

The Murderous suit mentioned by Pestilence may be True Mickey or Corruptus.

Night 4 Cutscene Edit

Gory:Where am I? Who are you?

Pestilence:Shhh my child, you are safe here on Treasure Island. I am Pestilence, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Gory:Why am I here? It's so cold.....

Pestilence:You were killed by a murderous suit here, but I saved your life so you could still be alive.

Gory:But why would you save me?

Pestilence:Because you are important, though maybe not at this point, but you are.

Great Wroggi steps in.

Gory:W-what is that?

Pestilence:Calm down. It is a friend.

Great Wroggi:Why would you keep this brat alive?

Pestilence:Because you are both important that's why I saved you.

Gory:But how am I important?

Pestilence:Because you are the........

The cutscene fades and Night 5 begins.

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