Golden Photo-Negative Mickey
Species: Hallucination Mouse; Suit/Toon
Gender: Male
Color(s): Photo-Negative, Golden
Starting location: The Office
First appearance: Night 6

Golden Photo-Negative Mickey is an Fan-Made antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


He is one of the Spare Mickey Suits/Toons kept off-camera in the Storage Room. Because of the abandonment from being finished and the closing of Treasure Island, this suit became more rotten through the years. Causing his body to go skinny, and parts of his body to drop off.


His appearance is based off the original suit/toon like Photo-Negative Mickey. Only except that he's colored Golden. Disturbingly, he has a yellow ooze inside his right eye-socket. And also a brighter tan with also oval buttons on his pants, he also has a yellowish tint on his body, making his colors yellowish and bright golden.


He is active starting on Night 6 onward, randomly appears in The Office when the player's putting down the Monitor, and you cannot put up the Monitor or You can't Shut off the Cameras. Is recommended to hide under the desk to make him go away. Or he will Jumpscare the player, Crashing the game. He has a point to start in the Storage Room, off-screen. Then, he appears in the room sitting on the boxes.

He then goes to room to room, toward the locations listed in no particular order: Character Prep 1, Janitor's Closet, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, The Roof and The Office. To get him out, hide under the desk. Or else he will attack the player.


Golden Photo-Negative Mickey begins his active path/route on Night 6 and on, starting in the Storage Room. Golden Photo-Negative Mickey's path is chosen at random points and any rooms, so it could be anytime he can enter The Office.


  • His pose is similar to the one of Golden Freddy.
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