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Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Color(s): White
Starting location: CAM 2
First appearance: Night 5

God is a female figure that can be found in the downloadable minigame TBmHC. Upon inputting 777 + the first button on the left, an image will pop up depicting God staring at the player. She will start in the Meat Freezer.



God is nothing more than a ghostly female humanoid with a white-grey colored body and empty black eyes. It's confirmed God will be hostile in the full game.


It's currently unknown what God's behavior is.


God's start location has been confirmed to be the Meat Freezer, but the rest of her movement patterns are unknown.

Unofficial Locations Edit

God's starting location has been confirmed to be the Meat Freezer. She can be seen in Hallway 1 and The Office.


  • God can be seen in the middle of all of the suits in the "Welcome to the Family" teaser, possibly indicating she may have a large role in the game's story.
  • UO can pop in the office rarely on night 3 onward which is a hallucination. She can make a ghostly crying noise.


  • God is one of three female enemies in the game, the others being Photo-Negative Minnie and Daisy Duck.
    • She is also the second female character in game.
    • According to Tia, God and Oswald are connected in some way.
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