This place smells like a slaughterhouse already, but the stench is getting worse and worse ever since I laid eyes on that pearly white suit...
— Unknown Employee
Species: Monster
Gender: Female
Color(s): Pearl white, yellow, red
Starting location: CAM 4
First appearance: Night 1

Gigginox is one of the ten five suits made by Disney when they tried to add a promotional attraction to Treasure Island during its construction. The idea was later scrapped, landing the suits in storage until a period of time after Treasure Island closed.

Appearance Edit

Gigginox looks exactly like how she does from the original Monster Hunter series, but she is covered in yellow eyes. The majority of them are on her underside.

Locations Edit

She only appears in Character Prep 1, the Storage Room, the Meat Freezer and the Lounge.

Behavior Edit

She isn't very fast, but she isn't fooled by you hiding under the desk or a camera being turned off. The only way to make her go away is to turn off the power.

Quotes Edit

"In seconds, the moon is beating like drums inside all of mankind's ears."

"I seek the revelations of all that the holy told to the wise in dreams of cold embers."

"I have dreams of a queen that wanders inside hearts of charred wood."

Trivia Edit

  • Her screech originates from a grenade exploding.
  • She may have a connection with Famine.
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