Forni is my fanmade antagonist in the game. He looks like an animatronic.

Description Edit

Forni the cat male
Species: Animatronic
Gender: Male
Color(s): Burnt, blue, green, red
Starting location: Stairway
First appearance: Night 3

Appearance Edit

Head Edit

Colors Edit

His head is red.

Coloring Edit

He haves a bit of blue coloring in his head.

Mouth Edit

His mouth looks like to have missing a bit of the lower jaw and the final part of the upper jaw, revealing endoskeleton.

Colors and coloring Edit

His mouth is pink with a bit of white coloring on it.

Tone Edit

The colors look like to have Very burnt tone.

Nose Edit

His nose is black.

Fluid that leaks Edit

The fluid that leaks from his nose is yellow blood with black coloring.

Eyes Edit

He haves 2 eyes and the left eye is ripped off.

Colors Edit

They are blue with black pupils.

Fluid that leaks Edit

His eyes leaks human blood.

Eye sockets Edit

They have spikes on them. They also haves eyelids.

Eyelids colors Edit

The eyelids are black.

Eyebrows Edit

The eyebrows are bit wider and a bit thiner.

Colors Edit

The eyebrows are black.

Ears Edit

They are bear-like and he haves no suit cover on the right one.

Colors Edit

They are red.

Arms Edit

The arms are damaged. He haves no suit cover on the right arm and left hand.

Colors Edit

The arms are green.

Coloring Edit

They are a bit red.

Tone Edit

They have a burnt tone.

Hands Edit

The hands have 5 finger each one.

Colors Edit

The hands are blue.

Model Edit

They look a bit pointy-like.

Legs Edit

They have the same appearance like the arms, but he haves no suit cover on the left foot and right leg.

Torso Edit

He haves exactly the same colors of the right leg.

Dressing Edit

He haves 3 buttons, a black bowtie and a black hat. He also haves white gloves.

Behavior Edit

Speed Edit

He is very fast and you have 0.5 seconds to shut the power off.

Skills Edit

He cannot let you use your monitor. Hiding will not work for Forni.

Locations Edit

Like Photo-Negative Mickey, he appears in all the locations. He starts in the Stairway.

Jumpscare Edit

Normal Edit

Looking at the left Edit

His jumpscare consits on jump towards to player's face. His mouth starts to open more faster.

Looking at the right Edit

His jumpscare is the same one that does Freddy Fazbear in FNaF 2.

While hiding Edit

He will appear at the right of the desk, then, Forni will jump to the player's face.

Trivia Edit

  • Forni is stronger than God.